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Girl’s love story

Love is a necessary subject in life.“Do you have a boyfriend?”“Are you married?”“Do you like him?”“If you don’t find a boyfriend mom will give you a blind date.”At the crossroads of love, do you look around blankly?“Who doesn’t want to be in a great relationship?Just…”It’s just that we’re scared.“But…”But we still hope, don’t we?“What is love anyway?If you follow Miss Dong’s heart, you may find your answer. “Girl’s Love Story” tells the story of Miss Dong’s love experience from childhood to adulthood. It is an interactive caricature experience and tells a wonderful and interesting (drama) love story one after another….

Used Car Tycoon Game

Welcome to SOUL BOX   Do you like idle car games? Have you ever thought of becoming a rich second-hand car shop tycoon with beauties? Busy work in real life prevents you from fulfilling your desires for the time being, come and vent through the used car simulator, “Used Car Tycoon Games”, a business mobile game that simulates the purchase and sale of used cars! Burn the asphalt with your fast and furious managing skills?